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Welcome Bar

In the realm of on-site marketing, the website welcome bar can be often overlooked. To simply put it, a welcome bar is an engaging banner on your website. A welcome bar is always presented at the top of your (home) page, allowing you to continually announce “worldwide shipping”, promote an upcoming event or even ask for the customers’ email addresses.

All with the intent to drive more customer retention rate on your Website! 
Read on more to understand the good purposes to add a Welcome Bar to your site. 


Why is a Welcome Bar advantageous?

We live in an era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, internet users can be impatient. Websites with pages that take longer to load or contact forms that are too lengthy to fill can be abandoned within seconds. With a welcome bar, subscribing to a newsletter or a membership can be swiftly without interrupting their user experience too much.

In a Meeting

Drive More Potential Sales

Emails can be quite personal to customers, apart from their phone numbers. In fact, email marketing is one of the oldest techniques to gain more sales through email campaigns. According to a survey, 59% of respondents in this survey say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. Your emails can easily incorporate messages to encourage your customers to purchase your products and services. This is especially true when they have opted-in to your company’s email updates. 

The Welcome Bar features

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Welcome your Visitors 

Simple Text Message to your Audience

A basic welcome message for your visiting customers on your website. This is beneficial as 
A message that is friendly and personable can be part of a contributing factor on whether your target audience wants to remain active with the company brand. 

Get More Likes

Drive more traffic to your Social Media

If you have social media, this is a feature you would like to have. For example, if you have an  Instagram page, you may link your Instagram to the banner! This drives more traffic to your social media account. 

Collect Emails

Build a Contact List

The audience is welcome to add their personal email address to subscribe for more content or even a discount code! Collecting emails can be very helpful for marketing purposes so do consider this feature. 

Drive Traffic 

More Attention for your Content

Have a page in your website you would like to showcase or highlight more to your audience? With this feature, you may link your audience to a particular page you want to announce or drive attention to. For example, you have relevant blog content on your website, you could ask them to “check out your Blog page” for more content as a message. 

Yes / No Questions

Gaining Feedback

Need a simple question of the day or feedback from your audience? This features a message you would like to ask your audience where they can reply yes or no in a click of a button! For example, you could ask questions like: “Did you like our website?” Or “Did you like our new collection of bags?”. 

Feedback Area

Gaining some Responses

Perhaps a simple yes or no answer is not what you’re looking for but a feedback response. This feature allows your audience to type and sent their response or opinions to the company. This can be often used for feedback on customer services.

Scale Questions

More range in Answers

Sometimes you need a scale of poor to great to determine where your customers stand at. This feature allows you to better understand your audience, allowing you as a company to draw more realistic conclusions.

Countdown timer 

Instill a Sense of Urgency

Have a storewide sale that ends in 2 days? There’s nothing like a countdown to instill urgency in people to purchase. This entices shoppers to buy now or as soon as possible (ASAP) because they’ll anticipate a sense of regret after missing a deal. 

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