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Restaurant Management System

The Restaurant App is an all-in-one, easy to use restaurant system which allows you to create a stunning menu on your site, take online orders and reservations, and receive payments.


Why is a Restaurant App advantageous?

As a restaurant owner, it’s a no brainer that quality food and outstanding service are key factors to achieving customer satisfaction. 

The catch is whether your eating experience for your customers is memorable enough for them to keep coming back for more. 

When customers do not have memories eating at your restaurant, they would often turn to the internet to find more information on your restaurant. In fact, 90% of customers conduct online research before choosing a restaurant. Consumers would read up online reviews, and look at a restaurant’s website or menu for inspiration.  

In a Meeting

Food Delivery Trend

Food delivery has become a major trend among customers across the globe.

According to a 2018 research by Frost and Sullivan, it was estimated that the food delivery service industry generated $82 billion in gross revenue and predicted that this number will double by 2025. 

To remain ahead of the competition, allowing an online but convenient user experience for the customers to view, order or reserve their food swiftly is crucial. 

Restaurant Features

Restaurant Menus

Restaurants Menus feature allows you to create a stunning menu which is added to your site. 

Restaurant Orders

The Restaurants Orders allows you to take both phone and online orders for delivery or pickup and receive payments online through a variety of payment gateways. 

Restaurant Reservations

With the Wix Restaurants Reservations app, your guests can book a table from your site.

Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Management System: Features
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Multiple Menu

Menu Creation

Many restaurants serve different food at different times of the day such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. With the Restaurants Menu feature, you can create as many menus as you need.

Different Menu Sections

Organise your Menu

Each menu is made up of sections and dishes. Before adding all your dishes, it's a good idea to decide which sections you need.

For example, most restaurants have a Starters, Main Course and Dessert section. 

Adding Labels 

For Special Customers

Add labels to your menus to help customers learn more about your dishes. Let them know what is spicy, what is vegan, and so on. If your restaurant has a special, you can highlight this dish on your menu too.

Dish Options 

There are three different types of options you can add to any dish

Customers are required to select one choice. You can charge the same price for options, or different prices. It's up to you 

Let your customers select optional extras for free or at a price. Customers can choose as many extras as they like.

Give your customers the option of removing ingredients they do not want. There is no extra cost for removing an ingredient. 

Hide Menu Prices

Keep Prices Anonymous

You can hide the prices that appear on your menu in the Restaurant Menus Feature.

Restaurant Orders

Restaurant Management System: Features
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Pick Up vs Delivery

Two Options

You can give your customers the choice of picking up their orders or getting them delivered. Or, if you're unable to make deliveries, offer pickup as the only option.

Delivery Areas


Set up delivery areas for online ordering.

For each area you create, you can set a different:

  • Minimum order amount

  • Delivery charge

  • Maximum delivery time

  • Availability

Allowing Customers to Add Delivery Instructions

Customisable Delivery Service

When a customer places a restaurant order through your site, they can add delivery instructions such as: 

  • Delivery address: Search Location

  • Delivery instructions: free text.

On arrival instructions

  • Buzz Door

  • Call Me

  • Leave outside my door (contact-less delivery)

Free Delivery for Orders Above a Given Price

Free delivery Option

For some restaurants out there that would like to have this feature to set up free delivery for orders above a minimum price. 

Place Orders for a Future Date


Offer your restaurant customers the option of placing orders a few hours or days before the delivery time. 

Email Confirmation


The app automatically sends a confirmation email to your customer after an order is placed through your online ordering system.

The confirmation email includes:

  • the order number

  • the order summary

  • the delivery address

  • a link which customers can click to view their order status

Restaurant Reservations 

Restaurant Management System: Features
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Confirm or Decline a Reservation 

Manage reservations

Automatically accept all reservations

Select this option only if you are confident that you have available tables on a regular basis.

Manually confirm reservations

Review each reservation request to check availability and contact guests to accept or reject the reservation.

If Your Restaurant is Closed

Pause the Feature

You may not always want to accept reservations, for instance, if your restaurant is closed for renovations or when no one is available to confirm incoming reservations.   
It's easy to pause and reactivate reservations! 

Customer Size 

Set Min to Max Number of People

Party Size

Enter a minimum and maximum from 1-30 in the Min and Max fields.

Reservation Hours

Set a Reservation Time

Advance Notice

Decide how far in advance guests must reserve their table by inputting a value between minutes, hours and days. in the number field.

Grace Period 

Those who Arrive Late

Choose how long to hold reservations for guests who arrive late by inputting a value between minutes and hours. the number field. 

Notification Alert

Different Forms of Alerts

SMS Validation

Require customers to validate their phone number and reservation by SMS


Send a reservation notification to your email.

You can also automatically print incoming reservations by connecting the email address of a network/WiFi printer. 

Integrate with other third-party services

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