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Pricing Plans and Subscriptions

A subscription service is a plan that charges customers a recurring fee — typically monthly or yearly — to get access to a product or service. This solution is best used as long as your customers continually see the value of your products and services.  

Subscription price can decrease or increase the barrier to entry for products and services, depending on what you provide for the customers. For more price conscious customers, they can pick lower price tier while more benefit targeted customers will pick a higher price tier.


Why is a Subscription Plan advantageous?

Comparing a a one-time purchase to allowing an option to automatically pay once every month or year, a Subscription plan allows customers to make payments to your company on a regular basis. This creates predictable revenue on your side. In addition, when there are recurring payments, you can be ensured that your cost for supplies or inventory is optimally used. 

Having a subscription plan saves costs as you don’t have to constantly attract new customers for newer purchases in the long run. 

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Higher Customer Retention 

Having a subscription plan ensures that your business retains an increasing number of customers on a consistent basis. With different price tiers, existing customers are given an opportunity to get upgrades to a higher tier, leading to more revenue opportunities. 

As you get to know your customers better, subscription plans can be adjusted to better add value them in the long run.

The Pricing Plan features

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Subscription Plans 

Create a subscription plan with recurring payments and select how often the plan (and payment) recurs, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

This is one of the most common and profitable methods for pricing plan you can select from (depending on your business). This will create an automatic periodic cycle for your customers to pay for your products and services. 

Membership Plans that don't Renew

Create a membership plan that lasts for any time period you choose.

This is for one-time signup a membership that can last for an amount of time.

Example: 1-Year Membership plan for $50 to receive exclusive deals and offers. 

Free Plans

Offer your clients a free membership plan

If the rest does not apply, you can always provide a free membership plan to your customers.

Trial Plan 

Create a promotional plan for free or for a reduced price

Let customers try your services before committing to a full membership plan or package by creating a promotional plan that customers can book only once. You can decide whether you want to offer the plan for free or for a reduced price.

Exclusive Blog Posts 

What you can add to your Plans

With Pricing Plans, you can create and sell plans that limit your blog to the plan holders. The admins can allow members who have purchased a plan can access to certain blog post content. 

Exclusive Members-Only Page 

What you can add to your Plans

With the Pricing Plans, you can create and sell plans that limit exclusive content to the plan holders. Exclusive content does not just mean blog posts. In fact, it can include other content pages. 

Example: You are a yoga instructor. Members-only pages can include content such as yoga workshops, yoga essentials etc.

Exclusive Bookings

What you can add to your Plans

With the Pricing Plans, you can create packages that allow clients to book a fixed number of sessions at once. 

Example: You are a piano teacher. Gold Package allows customers to book up to 5 piano sessions per month. You can select if you want this to be a one time payment or reoccurring payment every month/year etc. 


Prefer an initial deposit fee feature?

If you prefer not to charge your customers the full service fee upfront, you can accept an initial deposit fee at the time of booking, and receive the rest in person. 

Note: The paying customers cannot pay the entire price online once this feature is set up.

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