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Online Store 

An online store is a platform where business owners can sell their goods and services. Doing business online embodies a system where customers can purchase conveniently through the use of their desktops, laptops and mobile devices. An all-in-one platform where customers do not require to visit the actual store to acquire what they desire.


Why is an Online Store advantageous?

Attempting to set up an Online Store, you might have come across the word, “eCommerce”. eCommerce refers to the process of buying and selling goods and services online.

In the past, business owners or retailers used an online store to better serve their existing customers by making the shopping experience easier. Now, eCommerce is quickly becoming the norm of shopping. Customers have embraced online shopping over time, an assertion supported by 2020 retail eCommerce sales.

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The Act of Shopping Begins Online

According to ThinkwithGoogle Research, 63% of consumers’ shopping occasions begin online

From this statistic, we can infer that regardless of making the final purchase in an online store or in a brick and mortar store, consumers’ customer journeys start online. In the majority of the cases, they begin on Google or Amazon, where they do their research. 

Hence, it’s beneficial for companies to have a strong online presence. Creating a unique but convenient online shopping experience for consumers will be an important step for you to get ahead of others.

The Online Store features

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Product Gallery

Display your Products!

A Product Gallery is where you display your products. You may choose between different layouts and grids to showcase products and collections in the best way for your store.

In this age of visual culture, is important to make the products appealing for the visitors as they cannot feel the product in an online store.

Products Widget 

Want to put your product elsewhere?

The product widget allows you to display a single product anywhere on your site. This is a great option if you want to display a product somewhere other than your regular shop pages.

Product Page

Details of your Products

The Product Page is where your visitors can see more info about a product, e.g., sizes, colours or a more detailed description. Visitors would be lead here after clicking on a product from the Product Gallery. From here, customers can add a product to their cart too.

Cart Page

Checkout along with Mini Cart

Shoppers arrive at the Cart Page by clicking View Cart in the Mini-Cart or by clicking on the Shopping Cart Icon. From the Cart Page, customers can review their order, see a preview of shipping and tax costs or proceed to Checkout.

The Mini Cart lets customers see what’s in their cart while they’re still shopping. When a customer adds an item to the cart, the Mini Cart slides in the side of the page displaying a summary of its contents, e.g., price, quantity and subtotal.

Checkout Page 

Shipping Details

The Checkout Page is where customers complete their purchase. They are asked to provide details like shipping details, billing info and policy agreement. 

Thank you Page 


As soon as customers complete the Checkout, they are taken to the Thank You Page. It provides a review of their order and leaves them with a positive note. The words "Buyer Name" are replaced by the name of the customer.

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What About Online Payments?

Different Online Payment Modes

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