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What is a Live Chat?

The Live Chat feature is a communication tool where it can be used between your consumers and employees to engage conversations. Something like WhatsApp to put across my point. Whenever your consumers visit the website, an icon would appear at the bottom, available for instant chatting in real-time.


Why is Live Chat advantageous?

Communication is the lifeline of any business entity

People from across all countries can send and reply instant message in real-time. 

Without revealing your personal phone numbers, a Chat feature on your website allows communication instantly on the computer or via the phone. If your team members are working away from the Office, they can never feel too away from the office with the Wix App on their phones too! 

A Chat feature on your website saves time and increases productivity levels while you improving your customer service and quality of decision making. Do not hesitate to have a Live Chat feature!

In a Meeting

Customer Service is Valuable

In a 2017 research, over 80% of the consumers are willing to spend more for better customer experience. Customers can be influenced by a positive experience; a deciding factor for them to stay loyal to a brand, whereas a negative one encourages them to find the next competitor. In this modern era, it's required for companies to learn how to prioritize customer service if they want to secure revenue. Messaging through the Live Chat feature on your website is indefinitely the closest you can get to a “face-to-face” communication in the digital world.

The Chat features

Computer Circuit Board Macro


Online? Away?

You have to agree when you send a message, it’s very useful to know whether or not it will be read right away. Presence status in the Chat gives you this capability.

But no worries, messages still can be sent and received despite being “Away”. Companies will receive them immediately as soon as they go online. The company would be automatically notified by email that they have a message in the Chat.

Add a Lead Capture Form 

Away but don't want to lose customers?

The lead capture form gathers your visitors' information before the chat begins. By default, it appears when you're offline to make sure you never miss a lead. You can choose whether to show it when you're online as well and customize the messages visitors see when submitting their details.

Chat via desktop or Mobile 

Both available to suit your needs!

You can chat to visitors from Wix Inbox in your site's dashboard or from the Wix Mobile app on your phone. You can address customers’ queries on your desktop whenever you’re working or on the Wix mobile app if you are working away from the Office.

Group Chats 

Visitor Chat and Members Chat

Group chats are a great way to keep your members engaged and build a community around your site. Members can also create group chats to interact with each other. 

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