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Booking System

Wix Bookings is an easy-to-use scheduling system that lets customers book services online, so you can focus on managing your business.
Whether you offer workshops, courses, or private sessions - Wix Bookings has you covered. Customers can book services directly on your site.


Why is a Booking System advantageous?

Booking systems allow customers to place their booking at a time that’s most convenient for them! Offering your customers an online booking system that is always available for business, allows you to stand a better chance at significantly increasing your sales.

A booking system can help you to save time by tackling manual bookings and confirmation calls. When everything runs smoothly in the background, you and your staff can focus on more important things — like your customer experience and a healthy work-life balance. 

In a Meeting

Your business is always open

With an online booking system, business stays open for business depending on your business hours or 24/7. Customers do not have to get a hold of you in order for a service to be booked. Instead, customers are free to conveniently book on their own when it’s the right time.

Bookings Feature

Types of Services

Drive revenue and fill up your schedule by selling your services right from your website. Reduce back and forth communication by letting your clients easily book services from your calendar. Sell any variety of services and offer them online to reach clients anywhere.

Calendar Management

The Calendar is the place to manage your business. There, you can schedule when Classes and Courses take place, keep track of your bookings, make scheduling changes, manage clients, and much more. 

Memberships & Packages

Membership plans are subscriptions which give unlimited access to services for a set amount of time. You choose which of your services are included and how long the subscription period lasts (monthly subscription, yearly, etc.

Staff Management

Manage staff schedules and track their performance.
Set roles and permissions so staff can book clients and manage their sessions.

Client Management

Build and manage your client relationships. Send automated confirmations, updates and reminders about upcoming sessions.

Payment Modes

Let clients pay with cash, credit or digital wallets. Connect to your preferred payment provider and manage all transactions and finances from one integrated dashboard.

Types of Services

Booking System: Features
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Creating an Online Service

Type of Service

Provide services online so you can connect to international audiences and keep your business going - without holding in-person meetings. 

 Creating an Appointment

Type of Service

Appointments are services offered to customers who book available time slots. For instance, a photographer may be available from 10 AM until 7 PM and clients can book any time that isn't already taken.  

Appointments are usually booked by individuals, but may be booked by a group ordering the service together (e.g. a family that books a photo shoot). 

Creating a Class Service

Type of Service

Classes are recurring services with sessions that clients can book - no need to commit to going every time.

  • Who leads the class

  • What day(s) and time(s) it's offered

  • How long the class lasts

  • How often it repeats

  • On what date class availability starts (e.g. starting Jan. 1) 

  • Optionally, add an end date to indicate when the class is no longer available.

Creating a Course Service

Type of Service

Sell a complete set of services that clients book altogether.

Courses can be used to create:

  • Multi-Session Meetings:  Clients sign up and pay for an entire Course, for example, a five-week pottery course that meets once a week from March 1st to March 29th.

  • One-Time Group Services: For example, a Saturday meditation workshop held only once.

Calendar Management 

Booking System: Features
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Manage Your Schedule

Plan Your Services

Wix Bookings gives you control over when you offer services. Much of that is managed right in the Bookings Calendar.

For example, you can click a time slot on your calendar to manually add an Appointment, schedule when a Class or Course takes place, or block calendar time so clients can't book appointments. 

Manage Attendance

Client Details

  • Besides marking attendance, you can keep track of who paid, you can update a client's details, and add or remove clients. 
    Mark which clients show up for Appointments and Classes.

  • Waitlist tab to view clients interested in joining the session.

Manage Clients

Client Details

Select any session in the calendar and click on a client's name to access the full range of client functions.

For example, you can chat with clients (and book sessions or offer coupons right in the chat), add notes about your client, set up tasks, add an attachment (such as a medical permission form) and much more.

Sync your team’s calendars

Google Calendar

View your business bookings and personal events in one place by syncing the Wix Bookings calendar with your Google Calendar.

After syncing, whenever a 1-on-1 Session is booked, the booking appears in your Google calendar. And when you add an event to your Google Calendar, the time is blocked off in Wix. 

Adding a Note to a Specific Booking

Note taking

Whether you want to jot down information about an upcoming booking or keep track of what happened in a service you already provided, you can easily add a note to an Appointment or Class.

Filtering Your Bookings Calendar

Being More Organised

Your Wix Bookings calendar is the place to monitor and control what's happening in your business.

If you have lots of services and staff, calendar filters are essential to help you understand what's happening so you can take control of your business.

Blocking Off Time in Your Calendar

Cancel A Date

Taking a vacation? Unavailable to perform a service because you're at a personal event?  

You can block off hours - for yourself or for staff members - on your Wix Bookings calendar. During those blocked time slots, customers will not be able to book Appointments.

Memberships & Packages

Booking System: Features
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Membership Plans 

Type of Plan

Membership plans are subscriptions which give unlimited access to services for a set amount of time. You choose which of your services are included and how long the subscription period lasts (monthly subscription, yearly, etc.)

For example, you can create a quarterly membership plan to your gym that offers unlimited access to TRX, pilates, and yoga, but not to other classes.

You can offer clients one membership plan, or give them a few to choose from (e.g. a beginner plan, pro plan, or VIP plan).

Package Plans

Type of Plan

Packages allow clients to pay for a set number of services at a discounted rate.

For example, if you charge $60 for a session with a personal trainer, you might want to offer clients a six-session package for $300. You decide whether your client needs to take advantage of the services within a set period of time or if it's open-ended. 

Offer a Free Trial or Class

Free Plan

Let new customers try a free introductory session.

Creating Discount Coupons


Offer your clients discount coupons to promote loyalty and increase bookings. Choose from either a price discount coupon (e.g. $10 off) or a percentage discount coupon (e.g. 20% off). 

Clients can apply the coupon codes at checkout to take advantage of your offers.

Staff Management 

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Add Staff Members

Manage Employees

Add the staff you need so they can provide services to clients and manage your business. You can control how much or how little access to your business each staff members has.

Staff Member Working Hours

Available Time

  • Set different hours for each staff member

  • Set default hours and apply them to some or all staff members

Staff Members Permissions 

Control over their

You can allow staff members to manage their own clients and session in the Wix calendar by assigning them the role of Bookings Staff Member. With this role, staff members can:

  • Manage their own Appointments (e.g. edit session details or mark a session as "paid")

  • Manage their own Classes (e.g. mark attendance, add participants)

  • Block their own time on the calendar

Sync with Google Calendar

Extra Reminders

Help your staff members keep track of their bookings and avoid overlaps with their personal appointments.

Client Management 

Booking System: Features
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 Contact List

Get Client Profile

The Contact List is where you keep track of everything connected to your clients - their contact details, booking history, emails and chats, and more. 

Any time a visitor books a service, submits a contact form, subscribes to your newsletter, or interacts with your site in other ways, a Contact Card for that client is created. 

Email Reminders

Inform Your Customers

  • You can set auto-reminder emails to be sent to customers 24 hours before a service takes place.

  • Every time a client books a service, a confirmation email is sent to their email address.

  • A cancelation email is automatically sent to participants if you delete a service. You can personalize your cancelation email to suit your needs.

Managing the Participant List for Class Sessions

Activity List

Keep track of who paid for a Class session, who attended, who was a no-show and more. 

Refunding Clients

Booking Cancellation

Avoid chargebacks by handling refunds as quickly as possible whenever a service is canceled. Make sure clients are updated so they know a refund is coming their way.

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What About Payments?

Different Payment Modes

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