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Analytics Reports

Analytics refers to any tool being used to analyse large amounts of data in order to produce effective insights. People are using past patterns to predict future outcome. In the context of business, we do this so that we can better devote our resources to achieve the greatest rate of return at the end of the day.


Why is Analytics Reports advantageous?

As technology evolves rapidly and shopping trends shift on a daily basis, online business is always adapting to the consumers’ needs. Hence, to keep up with the consumers, businesses are ensuring themselves with some certainty using reliable data insights via their Website. 
With the right tool, you can achieve more actionable insights to better your online business. Actionable insights refer to meaningful actions that can be taken from analysing any type of raw data. With good analytic tools, you can obtain an advantage over your competitors.

In a Meeting

Inventory Management 

With analytics, you can adjust your actions accordingly to the insights you have gain. For most eCommerce stores, inventory is a key concern. Too little inventory can lead to product deficiency and lead to unsatisfactory customers, while too much inventory can cause excessive costs to the company’s finance. Quantity is not the only factor when it comes to inventory, shelf life is crucial too. When products have a short shelf life, cost would be irreversible when it cannot be sold out in time.

The Analytic Report Key Features

Sales Reports

Sales reports can provide you with an overview of the sales activities within your company. It allows you to view the different trends occurring in the sales volume over a period of time. Through sales reports, you can better gauge how well your business is performing.

Traffic Reports

Traffic Reports give you more insights as to how your site visitors find and navigate around your website. Questions such as “At what time of the day, clients visit my site more frequently?” Or “Which page visitors view first when entering my website?” can be answered with ease using Traffic reports. 

People Reports

People Reports enables you to understand your customers with more in-depth. Instead of inventory and sales, the focus is more directed to your customers, both current and potential ones. 

Behaviour Reports

Behaviour Reports allow you to discover how each page in your Website performs with different elements such as Page Views, Sessions, Bounce Rate etc. This tracks visitors’ behaviour through their clicks and attention time span.

Sales Report Features

Analytics Reports: Features
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Sales Over Time 

Sales Trend

This report allows you to explore your sales performance and trends. You can drill down into your revenue to see a breakdown to refunds, taxes, shipping, and discounts.

  • Monitor sales, orders, refunds, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Understand trends in your sales distribution like countries, customer type, payment methods etc.

Item Sales

Sales Per Item

This report allows you to view how products, tickets, services and subscriptions are selling. You are able to view your sales information by orders, items, customers, and compare your sales to previous periods to identify trends.

Sales by Billing Location


This report allows you to discover where your customers are located by country, region or city.

In addition, you can discover how a specific location is performing and if your actions have impacted your sales volumes.

Average Order Value Over Time 


This report displays your average value of orders for any day, week, or month. 

  • Find out how much your customers spend on average on your site.

  • Monitor changes in average order value, for example, when offering discounts.

Sales by Transaction Source


This report allows you to find out which Wix Apps (such as Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, Wix Events) are generating the most revenue on your site.

Sales by Shipping Method 


This report shows you which shipping methods are most popular with your customers who purchase through your Website. 

  • Learn which shipping methods have the most orders

  • Calculate your shipping costs vs how much you've charged for shipping.

Sales by Coupon 


This report to see how many times your coupons have been used and how they affect your sales. You can compare your coupons to see how they're performing and see if coupon use has changed compared to previous periods.

  • Find out who is using your coupons, if they're new or returning customers

  • Where your coupon users are geographically located.

  • Target buyers respond to coupons.

  • Determine if a promotion should be repeated.

  • Stop a promotion that is not selling anymore.

Item Sales over Time Report


This report shows your gross sales trends, which can be filtered by item.

  • See the sales trends of individual or groups of items.

  • Compare the performance of item sales to previous periods.

Traffic Report Features

Analytics Reports: Features
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Traffic Over Time 

Overall Traffic

Your Traffic Over Time report helps you to identify trends in traffic to your site over different time periods.

Traffic by the time of the day


Your Traffic by Time of Day heat map report displays the time of day people are visiting your site.

Traffic by First Page Viewed 

Which Page

Use your Traffic by First Page Viewed report to find out which pages visitors view first when they enter your site.

Traffic by Location 


With your Traffic by Location report, you can find out where your site visitors are located.

First Time vs Returning Visitors

Which Visitor

Find out how much of your site traffic is from new and returning visitors.

Referral by Category

Types of External Traffic

Optimize your outreach by seeing the types of sites that drive traffic to your site, e.g. social, search, email.

Referral by Site Report

External Traffic

Get the most out of inbound marketing by analyzing what sites drive traffic to your site, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google

Traffic by Device 

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Give visitors the best viewing experience by learning what devices they use to view your site.

People Report Features

Analytics Reports: Features
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Top Paying Customers

Information about your Customers

This report allows you to learn more about your customers who paid or ordered the most. 

Enrich this report with further interesting facts you'd like to know about each of your leading customers, such as: "What's their country?”, “Are they a returning or a new customer?” and “Did they use coupon?"

Customers Over Time

Amount of Customers

The Paying Customers Over Time report lets you see how many people paid for goods, services, classes, or subscriptions on your site.

  • Learn how many customers you gained over a specific period of time.

  • Understand if there are certain times in which you are gaining more customers.

Contacts Over Time

Contacts Collected

Your Contacts Over Time report lets you see how many new contacts were created in a certain period. 

Contacts can be added manually or by an activity those people performed, such as: Submitted a contact form, registered for a newsletter, signed up to the site or ordered something.

  • Learn how many contacts you gained over a specific period of time.

  • Understand if there are certain times in which you are gaining more contacts, and how many of them are members (signed up to the site) or customers.

Paying Subscribers over Time Report


The Paying Subscribers over Time report shows you how many new subscribers you get by day, week, and month.

  • Monitor subscription purchases over time, through Paid Plans, Wix Stores, and Invoices.

  • Compare subscriptions purchases to previous periods.

Behaviour Report Features

Analytics Reports: Features
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Page Visits

Page Performance

You can optimize the content of each page of your site based on how it performs.

Metrics such as:

  • Page Views 

  • Visitors 

  • Sessions 

  • Bounce Rate 

  • Avg. Time on Page

What's Bounce Rate?

Quick Explanation

A "bounce" occurs when someone visits and leaves without interacting further with your Website. 

A bounce rate means a percentage of your visitors who bounced off your Website.

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