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QuickBooks takes care of the hard stuff (accounting accuracy) with data transformations based on 10+ years of domain expertise. Without any technical knowledge, you can connect your Wix site with your QuickBooks Online account.
Using OneSaas you will save hours of manually entering sales data and money!


The Quickbook Features

Connect to Bookings, Store, Events, Hotels

Retrieve Wix orders from your Wix Store, Wix Bookings, Wix Events or Wix Hotels

Based on Payment Status

Retrieve orders depending on their payment status

Map Tax Codes and Accounts

  • Map tax codes from your Wix orders to tax codes in your QuickBooks Online

  • Map accounts in your QuickBooks Online account for your Wix payments

Manage your Items

  • Create new Items in your QuickBooks Online account when products are created in Wix

  • Choose to match items to QuickBooks Online items by Name or SKU

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